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DR. Anandi Janner Steffan

As a Lifespan Integration ™ -certified therapist, supervisor and instructor, the focus of my clinical work is trauma therapy with adults, children and families in individual, couples and family sessions.


In everyday life, many people unknowingly repeat imprinted early life relationship dynamics and such encounter difficulties in their relations, manifesting in fixed behavioral patterns or having difficulties to control their emotions and impulses for example.


Early trauma alters the brain’s development and inhibits the maturation of the various psychobiological regulatory functions. Early neglect and negative attachment experiences are “hard-wired” into the developing neural systems  and manifest over the lifespan through a biased negative interpretation of present events. Adults who were abused in childhood often have poor self-images, an ongoing internal dialogue of negative self-talk, and chronic anxiety and/or depression. This often remains the case no matter how successful these people have become in their present lives, and no matter how much “talking” therapy they have done. 


Traumatherapies, for ex. EMDR, PITT, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Therapy and Lifespan Integration, address the integral body-mind system, in order to access and heal the trauma induced dysfunctional sequelae. This allows for new options in the person’s life, based on self-acceptance, curiosity, creativity  and being able to reach out to others.


This website adresses mental health professionals who want to experience Lifespan Integration™ or are looking for a certified LI supervisor, working with adults, children and families. In order to treat trauma, it is essential for therapists to have successfully treated their own traumas, especially those affecting attachment and emotional regulation. Only then can LI Therapists stay grounded, present and fully attuned to their clients during the therapeutic process.

Lifespan Integration is a psychobiological traumatherapy, in accordance with the neuroaffective models on trauma and dissociation, which permits to establish a learned secure attachment. LI heals trauma without retraumatizing.

Lifespan Integration is particularly efficient in healing psychological or physical abuse, pre- and postnatal trauma, dysfunctional attachment and preverbal trauma, affect dysregulation, self-destructive behaviors and PTSD sequelae. LI permits a rapid reorientation in space and time and an integration of past events into the person’s chronological autobiography. LI therapy is particularly indicated for working with children and families, exposed to harmful dynamics and behaviours as well as past or ongoing trauma.

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