The videos are packaged in different bundles:

  1. all 20 videos in one bundle
  2. 4 bundles with 5 videos each
  3. single videos

These videos are exclusively for trained LI therapists. When you hit the button "Add to cart", you confirm, that you are a trained LI therapist.

1.  All 20 videos in one bundle

CV_A: All classes (1 - 20) , the whole bundle

Streaming all videos from all classes, 1 - 20, for 1 year

380,00 €

2. 4 bundles with 5 videos each

CV_B: 4 different bundles , 5 videos each

streaming selected video bundles, for 1 year: 
CV_B1: Understanding the  LI paradigm, complex systems, LI dynamics . Initial assessment, the importance of goal and symptoms, filling in the map with examples of determining types 1-3
CV_B2: Attunement and regulation of the LI process and the client's state
CV_B3: Baseline reviewed and BL Plus. How to choose initial Plusses, bodily Plusses, structural overview of Plusses
CV_B4: Finishing Plusses, when to change to stage II of LI therapy. Stage II for type 3 clients.

110,00 €

3. selection of single videos

CV_S single videos , your choice

25,00 €