Videos from the mastercourse “Getting up to date with Lifespan Integration”

"As you are aware, over the past few years, Dr Janner Steffan has come up with innovations and new LI protocols for working with heavily traumatized clients. Her background in cellular biology combined with her education and experience using body-based trauma therapies, plus her extensive experience and knowledge of LI, made her uniquely qualified to come up with these innovations. Dr Janner Steffan’s innovations allow LI therapists to safely use LI in new ways to heal even most seriously traumatized clients."*)

Certified LI therapists and consultants were 'first in line' for this course. Now the same material is available to all therapists who have completed Levels 1 through 3 of training.

These practice-oriented Weekly Masterclasses started in September 2020 and ended in January 2021.

The 1 hour - classes are divided into three parts: theory, practical application and questions/discussions or demo videos. The videos represent the original live sessions, having only been remastered to improve the sound quality. The consent of making these videos available later for streaming has been confirmed on booking the weekly classes. The videos are grouped as 5-class bundles, which correspond approximately to their main content.
These videos are for LI therapists only.

Teacher: Anandi Janner Steffan, PhD



Class bundle

1 - 5

6 - 10

11 - 15

16 - 20


Understanding the  LI paradigm, complex systems, LI dynamics. This will then enable us to apply this information to the initial assessment, which include the importance of goal and symptoms and filling in the map with examples of determining types 1-3. 

Attunement and regulation of the LI process and the client's state

Baseline reviewed and BL Plus. How to choose initial Plusses, bodily Plusses, structural overview of Plusses

Finishing Plusses, when to change to stage II of LI therapy. Stage II for type 3 clients

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Discussion groups

As you are viewing the master classes questions and comments may arise. That’s why we are offering online group discussions that you can book in addition to a bundle of these videos or to the entire series of these videos at a preferential price. If you buy 5 videos ore more , you are entitled for participate at a discussion session at a preferential price (40$)

*) Peggy Pace