Videos : Understanding lifespan Integration®

a 5 module video series, 2019

By Anandi Janner Steffan, LI instructor

Explaining LI in an interview-discussion style with Sarah Lloyd, UK LI supervisor

This series offers a basic overview about LI with a special accent on complex systems and network theory and how this applies to LI. It also contains the information of what we need to understand in order to use BL Plus.

With practical examples and a corresponding slide show
Only for LI therapists who have completed at least the LI1 training

Each video is between 20-30’ long
One year limitless streaming licence
The videos can be viewed on your PC, Mac, Tablet , Smartphone. No special software required.

Module 1: Complex systems and simultaneous integration:

The coherence of complex system theory and the LI process
Short introduction to LI initial assessment and strategy planning
The integrative power of the Timeline
The non-linear (exponential) behaviour of complex systems

Module 2: : Living systems and the impact of complex trauma

The client is always in his optimal state 

The “chair-model”

The importance of the symptoms

Complex trauma and practical examples


Module 3: From complex systems to network dynamics

Network integration vs. single event treatment

The 3 states of complex systems

Their characteristics and emergent qualities

The trampoline model


Module 4: The LI psychobiological model and the LI pyramid

The first stage of LI therapy

The 3 types of clients

The protocols of the 1st stage (now we do not use SP for type 3 clients in the 1st stage)

Skipping cues


Module 5: Tools and their use

The instant map of Self

Identifying the initial information

Explaining the evaluation grid

Being oriented in time and space


Videos Lifespan Integration Understanding

5 Videos, each with a duration between 20 and 30 minutes

25,00 €